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Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze Regular

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Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze Regular

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Pleasure is in your grasp!

Combining the soft Air Cushion Chambers and Air-Flow structure of the AIR-TECH Series with a new malleable case, we have created reusable pleasure that you can control with your grip!

The all-new case shape makes the item easy to hold, while providing peaks and troughs of stimulation.

Covering the air hole produces the same great suction sensation. With a new thicker insertion point, the sensation is felt all the way to full insertion.

Enjoy the flexible squeezing sensations that the AIR-TECH Squeeze places in your grasp!

Product Features
- Reusable
- Soft Air Cushion Chambers
- Cover the air hole for great suction sensations
- Flexible case for direct control of stimulation
- Thicker insertion point (stimulates to full insertion)
- The sleeve sits firmly in place (improves sensation at end of insertion)
- Differing strengths of stimulation among the three types
- The flexible case means more spacious design

Included item:
Lubricant pouch 10 ml

This item is NOT compatible with the TENGA Vacuum Controller.

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