Pasante Wallet Unique Condoms 3 pcs. Expand

Pasante Wallet Unique Condoms 3 pcs.

Pasante (UK) Pasante (UK)



Pasante Unique - without latex, made from synthetic resin.

Pasante is a respected British brand.

Quality guaranteed.  

A sashet of lubricat goes with each condom.


    * delicat
    * very strong
    * fits close
    * hiypoalergic
    * soft
    * clear
    * unscented
    * can be used with any kind of lubricat, including those fat-based, such as: CRISCO

Elegat and discreet pack with three condoms is desined based on credit card shape. You can keep it in you wallet safely.

Pasante Healthcare, Ltd (United Kingdom) - At Pasante we want to exceed your every expectation, you are the customer therefore you are our No1 priority. I would welcome your feedback and I will personally answer every e-mail. If you have any concerns or complaints then I want to hear them. Likewise if you have any positive things to pass on about our products then I’d be equally delighted to hear from you.


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