New Mister.Size Testbox 60-64-69 3 Condoms Expand

Mister.Size Testbox 60-64-69 3 Condoms

Mister.Size Mister.Size



The trial set "Big Feelings" (60-64-69)

The perfect trial set for all those who already suspect themselves to be in the wide range and are now looking for their suitable condom.


Only if the condom size really fits you, you can enjoy completely carefree sex with the pure feeling. Of course, completely without the constant worry that something could pinch and nip. You will love the difference.


Find out your personal condom size

Our "Great Feelings" set helps you find out your exact condom size. Because if you already suspect that you are somewhere in the wide range, you can conveniently try out with this. Whether you have a width of 60 mm, 64 mm or 69 mm - one of these three sizes will probably fit perfectly. Also, sometimes it can be quite good to vary: A slightly larger condom usually provides an even more natural feeling. And with a slightly tighter size, you can delay your orgasm - to enjoy it even more intensely afterwards.


MISTER SIZE - 7 condom sizes for better sex

With a total of seven different condom sizes, MISTER SIZE helps you enjoy relaxed and good sex. The width ranges from 47 mm to 69 mm. You can find out which one fits best with one of our trial sets, for example.


Of course, you can also quickly and easily use one of our measuring tools: the MISTER SIZE measuring tape or the practical MISTER SIZER.


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