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DVD Marc Dorcel - Hot Sex in Saint-Tropez

Marc Dorcel (FR) Marc Dorcel (FR)



DVD Marc Dorcel - Hot Sex in Saint-Tropez

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While enticing girls with gorgeously bare bosoms, and young atheletes with tanned torsoes make love without hesitation under the sun of St-Tropez, Melanie, accompanied by Rodolphe, her handyman and scapegoat, takes possession of her vacation house. But if Melanie, openly bisexual, quickly made the intimate aquaintance of a lovely brunnette, she only has eyes for Ramon who, constantly surrounded by the wildest pretty girls, has too much to choose from to satisfy his loving whims. As for shy Rodolphe, he keeps up his voyeurism and must content himself with furtive caresses stingily granted by his boss-lady. Spurred on by the desire she has to seduce the handsome Ramon, will Melanie end up with what she wants despite the competition with the sirens that surround him?

Additional Information

BrandMarc Dorcel
DirectorAlain Payet
StudioMarc Dorcel
Total time (min)102
SystèmePAL / NTSC


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