Kink Silicone Ankle Cuffs Expand

Kink Silicone Ankle Cuffs

Kink by DocJohnson (US) Kink by DocJohnson (US)



These Kink by Doc Johnson Leather Ankle Restraints are crafted in beautiful red and black leather to match signature colors, and equipped with D-rings for complete versatility-clip to leads, spreader bars, hog tie clips, and more. Each restraint is fully padded for safety and comfort during play and everyday wear, and features a locking buckle for demonstrations of absolute trust and care. Use with the matching Kink by Doc Johnson Leather Wrist Restraints for an even more intense look and experience.

Dimensions most tightest position: 30.6x7.4x8.8 cm
Diameter:5.4 cm

Dimensions most lose position: 36.5x7.4x10.4 cm
Diameter: 8.5 cm

You can attach the straps together with two snap hook closures
Dimensions snap hook closure: 6.4x0.5x2.0 cm

Material: silicone / metal


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