Reduced price! PA-5000 S - Pas Cnoty Expand





Product Features

• 2 3/4" length
• Your choice of diameter – 1”
• Now with Nine Hooks included: 4, 6 & 8 Gauge Hooks – 3 radiuses each gauge

Package includes:

One cage with built in cam lock;
• Nine hooks – Three gauges (4, 6 & 8 gauge hooks) – 3 hook radiuses each gauge;
• An extender to make the cage portion longer if needed;
• A leather strap to help guide the penis through the cage portion;
• Two keys
• Handy black zippered carrying case

Measuring instructions:

While in a relaxed state hold the penis as far away from the body as possible and measure the diameter of the shaft, you should allow 1/8” clearance for hygiene purposes

Product Description:

The PA-5000 is designed for the man with a Prince Albert Piercing.  Using the piercing eliminates the need for rings to attach the cage to the body.  This attractive device is the state of the art in male chastity for men with the Prince Albert Piercing.  We have now included more gauges of hooks for added customization.

The cage includes a built in cam lock that makes the PA-5000 comfortable and discreet.  It looks like body jewelry and acts as a chastity device.  The PA-5000 offers absolute comfort and absolute chastity. An included extension ring and three gauges of hooks (4, 6 & 8) allow you to customize your fit. Each gauge has three hook radiuses for a total of 9 hooks included in each package. The PA-5000 gives the Keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment of both partners.


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